Commercial & Street

Ever evolving and a highly popular style imperative to any young dancer.

Commercial dance emerged in the 1950’s as a way for dancers to push against the strict constraints of traditional styles such as ballet and be free to experiment. Dancing to modern music, commercial dance incorporates moves from all genres including jazz, ballet, hip hop, breakdance, popping, krumping and street dance.

Mixing different styles of dance makes commercial dance versatile and eye catching whilst appealing to a wide audience, giving it a unique purpose to be used in music videos, films and even adverts to promote products. If you are an avid youtuber, you may have even come across the dance troop videos at dance competitions, all who are performing commercial dance. With commercial dance becoming ever the more popular, it is constantly evolving and broadening to include new popular moves.

Some key features which can be used to identify commercial dance include floor work and unpredictability as dancers are not moving to repetitive rhythms and will freely dance in contrasting directions and styles.