Elite Dance Training

A unique training package incorporating competition work.
N.B. This Program is by invitation only.

Purpose: The Purpose of the Elite team is to provide an outlet for outstanding dancers from Steppin’ Out to perform, travel, compete and improve their performance and technical skills.

The elite training runs alongside our normal training.

It gives the opportunity for those wishing to work at national level additional hours of training and to train as a team.

We have 5 elite teams starting as young as 5 through to 18.

Entry is by invitation and a high level of dedication and natural ability is essential.

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Mini Elite Team

Requirements for Entry: School Reception – Year 3

Show a level of dance and be physically capable to take the demands of Elite training.
Show the necessary level of dedication and enthusiasm.

All Elite Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. They should promote good sportsmanship and always be a positive representative of their team, their studio and Steppin’ Out. Dancers should always treat team members and teachers with respect. Bad behaviour or mistreatment of team members will not be tolerated. At the first instance the dancer will be warned, at the second instance the dancer’s parent will be contacted and at the third instance the dancer will be dismissed. Being a member of the team is an earned privilege, not a right, and dancers and parents are expected to abide by all rules at all times.

Attendance Policy for Elite Practices
All Elite Practices (MET) are compulsory. Dancers are allowed 3 absences for the year without a doctor’s note or exceptional family circumstances. If the dancer has a doctor’s note or exceptional family circumstances, that will not count as one of the 3 absences. If you are over 10 minutes late this will be counted as an absence. If a member misses more than 3 practices without an acceptable excuse mentioned above, that member will be dismissed from the team.

Attendance Policy for Performances, Competitions and Shows
These are all compulsory and part of being a member of the Mini elite team. Dancers must compete in all competitions. The only acceptable excuses for not competing in a competition are an injury with a doctor’s note stating that the dancer cannot compete or an acceptable family circumstance.
All Elite dancers are expected to perform in ALL show performances; these include November show (10 November 2018) and Production Show (12 & 13 April 2019)

Dress Code
All dancers are expected to follow the dress code for every Elite practice. The required practice wear to be purchased, consists of team crop top (boys vest top) & shorts and pirouette dance shoes. Also dancers must have hair secured out of their face in a bun and no jewellery except for stud earrings for practice.

Usual Dance Classes
All Elite Dancers are required to be enrolled in the following classes as a minimum requirement per week. The elite training class 5.15 – 7.00pm does not count in the classes listed below. It is important to think of dance training as a sport, for example a county swimmer will train 5 – 6 days per week before and after school so it does come down to hours of training per week plus some practise at home.
Classes taken must include:
Appropriate ballet grade class: one required
Appropriate modern grade class: one required
Acrobatic Arts: one required

Dance Class Attendance
Elite dancers are expected to be students in good standing and must have good attendance in their regular classes. They have been honoured as Elite members because of performance in their regular classes, and they are expected to be in class. If a student’s class attendance is poor a meeting will be called with the parent. If it continues the dancer can be dismissed from the team.

Dance Fees
All Dance Fees must be up to date before Elite team members will be allowed to compete in competition.

Competitions for Sept 2018 to July 2019
These are included in your monthly fee. Included are 1 solo/duet entries and one group. Any additional dances are chargeable at the full entry fee price. You must source and pay for your own solo/duet costumes. One group hire costume fee is included in your monthly fee. All elite team members receive private lessons for £25 per hour (usually £35).

Destination Dance – London 26-28th October 2018
Starpower – London 26 – 28th April 2019
Bournemouth Festival – QE School 27th May – 1st June 2019
You may of course enter any other competitions but please clear these with me.

Continued DevelopmentOnce Elite members are chosen they are allowed to remain a member of the Elite teams without auditioning throughout the Junior level. However, if any dancer is not improving or is impeding their team they may be dismissed before the next season. Therefore, dancers should be consistently improving skills through dance classes, master classes, technique, summer School and any other dance opportunities presented to them. If a dancer chooses not to return to Elite and then decides they would like to return during another year that dancer must still be enrolled in regular dance class. They must make the coaches aware of their interest to return and then will have to be formally invited via Elite invitation letter to return. They will not be given priority over other dancers vying for a position on the Elite team.

Mini Elite Team

Requirements for Entry: School Reception – Year 3

Show a level of dance and be physically capable to take the demands of Elite training.
Show the necessary level of dedication and enthusiasm.

Full contract is issued on application.